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A retainership is an association contract mutually agreed between involved parties and a particular fee paid to secure your services in the decided future. We provide graphic design and website development in retainer services for which they required time to time new design development, website design and update, marketing material design and printing and many more ongoing graphic designing and website development services. This services best suit to and appropriate for the manufacturing units, design agencies, retail industries or service providers where they usually have ongoing requirements for all the stuff.

We cater prioritized service on discounted rates for both Graphic Design and Website Development tasks of the clients that have been associated with retainer ship agreement or even hire an special manpower who lookout all the task of that special client. We offer diverse package options for different companies that suit their needs. Retainer ship will help you to reduce your overall cost and an ease in maintaining a unique and same level quality. Service period for retainer ship ranges from 3 months to 12 months.

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